Saturday, March 2, 2024

Vazirani Ekonk Electric Hypercar Reached 309 KMPH at the Natrax Test Track

In India, electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular. Several new electric automobiles are available on the market. Some are from well-known manufacturers such as Tata, Hyundai, and MG, while others, such as Ather and Ola, are relatively new to the market. Vazirani is one such Indian start-up that is developing an Indian electric hypercar. Ekonk is the name of the car, which was revealed by Vazirani Automotives last year. Back in 2018, they debuted its electric hypercar Shul at the Goodwood Festival. A new video has surfaced in which the founder discusses the Vazirani Ekonk’s cooling mechanism and top speed.

Electric vehicles are getting more popular in India. There are several new electric vehicles on the market. Some come from well-known brands like Tata, Hyundai, and MG, while others, like Ather and Ola, are brand new to the market. Vazirani is one such Indian start-up working on an electric hypercar in the country. The car’s name is Ekonk, and it was first revealed by Vazirani Automotives last year. They launched its electric hypercar Shul at the Goodwood Festival in 2018. The founder of Vazirani Ekonk highlights the Vazirani Ekonk’s cooling process and top speed in a new video.

Electric automobiles, as we all know, are exceptionally fast when compared to cars with internal combustion engines. Vazirani Ekonk is the same way. It generates 722 Bhp thanks to two electric motors on the rear axle. The car has the lowest drag coefficient, which aids its performance on the racetrack. Another benefit is that the car weights roughly 738 kilogrammes, which helps to improve overall performance.

You’ve probably surmised that the Vazirani Ekonk is a fast automobile, but how fast is it? It can go from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.54 seconds. On the test track, the founder personally drove the automobile and achieved a high speed of 309 kmph, which is fantastic. He goes on to say that with a skilled driver at the helm, the car can reach even higher speeds. The car’s design is significantly different from the ones we’ve seen in India thus far. It is a hypercar, and the design resembles one.

The vehicle is sleek, light, and has a powerful engine. Despite the lack of an engine, the automobile nevertheless creates a significant quantity of heat due to the batteries beneath the floor. The performance of the car will be harmed if the heat is not adequately regulated. Normally, liquid-cooled technology is used in electric cars to keep the temperature stable. Vazirani desired something distinct from that, believing it to be too complicated.

Instead, they worked on developing a new method to keep the temperature stable. They call their invention DiCo, which is a form of air cooling system that reduces heat by channelling air from outside the automobile to the floor or the battery pack area. The new technology is said to be far more successful in retaining the heat generated by the batteries. Because the liquid-cooled system has no piping, there is a lot more space under the floor. The automobile is still a prototype, and it will be years before it reaches the manufacturing line, as previously said.


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