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9 Best Roblox Car Games

Roblox may have been around since 2006 but it lifted off during the early stages of the Coronavirus pandemic, which much of the world turning to the online gaming platform to kill some time. 

Within Roblox, there is a plethora of different games and genres to choose from. From horror, sports and cartoons, it has it all. 

One of the more popular areas of Roblox is its collection of car racing games. There are endless ones to choose from. So, what do you play if you want to whizz around in a high-powered car or just simply take a drive?

Well, take a look at our list of the best car games within Roblox.

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1. Car Crushes 2

Car Crushes 2 is the ultimate stress reliever that involves cars. The game gives you multiple different ways to smash up your car, from using a wrecking ball to putting it in a giant blender, it really has it all. Not only can you smash up your car, but you can play “demolition derby” with players from all over the globe. 

With over 240 vehicles on its roster, there’s plenty of choices on what to crush. 

Car Crushes 2 has had over 600 million visits since its creation in 2017 and always has a busy server, a popular one within the Roblox world. 

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2. Driving Empire

Driving Empire really gives the player a Need for Speed feel. This racing-based game is set out in a massive open world, and it has some of the best graphics in the Roblox collection.

You can either play on your own or with friends, the choice is yours. 

Like a lot of the games on this list, Driving Empire has a huge catalogue of vehicles. Not only can you race and drive in cars but there are also motorbikes and boats on offer to whizz about in. 

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3. Driving Simulator

Each server in Driving Simulator has a maximum of 100 players, plenty of people to whizz around with. 

Driving Simulator is one of the more popular car games in Roblox due to its easy-going nature. Meaning players can drive around the map with ease and not have to worry too much about players around them.

Each server in Driving Simulator has a maximum of 100 players, plenty of people to whizz around with. 

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4. Ion Formula Racing 2021

Ion Formula Racing 2021 is the closest you will get to Formula One racing in Roblox. 

The game is set up to make sure players are getting the most immersive experience possible. Weather changes, DRS and tyre compounds are just a few of the things added in the game to enhance the experience. 

There are 20 teams to choose from, including some fan favourites such as McLaren and Mercedes, and has also made the cars look as realistic as possible. If you’re an F1 fan, I would definitely check it out. 

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5. Jailbreak

Currently, the game is running a NASCAR event, adding cars from the popular American racing series. 

With over 5 billion visits since its creation in 2017, it’s one of the more successful games in Roblox. 

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6. Midnight Racing Tokyo

Want to race around Tokyo? Well, then this is the game for you.

Midnight Racing Tokyo is a massive open-world racing simulator, with the main map being a recreation of Tokyo, Japan. 

Not only does it have a massive catalogue of cars, but you can mod your car to your heart’s content, truly adding to the Japanese car world feel. Think Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift. 

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7. Pacifico 2

Pacifico 2 is an open-world car game, with the map based on California. 

The map is filled with areas to explore and activities to do, you wouldn’t get bored in this game. 

Pacifico 2 is another game on this list that is more on the relaxing side to play. It’s one to choose if you just want to take a leisurely driver and take in some scenery. 

You can also be as sociable as you like, creating races and activities with friends or players in-game. 

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8. Project Trackday

Project Trackday is like Ion Formula Racing 2021 but with some differences. 

Project Trackday doesn’t just focus on the now. Yes, you race against players all around the globe, but you have an open choice of race cars to choose from. From classic cars to those raced in the iconic 24 Hours of Le Mans, this game has variety.

Being a fairly new game, only being introduced in 2020, it may not have had many visits, but it’s a racing game on the rise. 

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9. Ultimate Driving: Westover Islands

Ultimate Driving: Westover Islands was one of the first racing games to be introduced to Roblox and continues to be extremely popular to this date. 

Not only is this an open-world game but you can take on different roles depending on the cars you choose. Become a firefighter and race around in a fire truck, chase down criminals in a police car, the opportunities go on.

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