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AWD Vs 4WD : Difference, Pros And Cons

Drivetrain Comparison : AWD Vs 4WD

Automotive Industry has definitely developed with pace in last few years. Cars are now offered with premium features, more engine options and distinct drivetrains. The new cars are offered in different drive options. Among all the drive options 4WD and AWD are widely popular. In this article we will tell you the difference between all-wheel and four-wheel drive. We will also tell you which one is right for you. To know more we will dive in to the working principle and technologies used. We have also listed down the advantages of each drivetrain.

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AWD Vs FWD : Difference

AWD Vs 4WD : Difference, Pros And Cons

As the name suggest, in all-wheel drive power is delivered to all the four wheels at the same time. Whereas in four-wheel drive, the driver manually select to power front wheels or rear wheels or engage the drive to all four wheels. To keep it easy, AWD is a full time system where all four wheels are always powered. While FWD is a part time system. In cars with FWD, the driver has to push a button; or pull a lever to engage the 4WD system. On the other hand, in AWD the system is always active, the system electronically distribute power across all wheels. Here the driver will not need to manually engage to four wheel. The system automatically enables better traction and avoid wheelspin.

AWD : Pros And Cons

AWD Vs 4WD : Difference, Pros And Cons
Driver doesn’t need to engage the system manuallyIncrease cost of the vehicle
Better handling on normal road conditionsReduce fuel economy
Provide additional traction on slippery conditionsThe AWD system is costly to maintain

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FWD : Pros And Cons

AWD Vs 4WD : Difference, Pros And Cons
Better than AWD for real Off roadingDriver has to manually switch to 4WD
You can switch to 2WD which improves fuel economyMany people use 4WD only few times a year
Adds more value if you ever consider selling itHigher upfront cost than a traditional 2WD vehicles

Final Verdict

AWD Vs 4WD : Difference, Pros And Cons

We hope this article helped you to understand these drivetrains. The fog around the topic is due to the marketing teams of this cars. We can say that car companies are bad at labeling their cars. The marketing department don’t pay any heed to the working differences. Therefore irrespective of the system principles the car may get a 4X4 badge. This is because the 4X4 is a universal term for any one who is not a car geek. Long story short, AWD drive is not a 4WD system, but a 4WD can be an AWD.

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