Sunday, April 14, 2024

Ferrari Announces New V12 Engine For A “Game-Changing” Model

Could this V12 engine be for the Purosangue SUV or another supercar entirely?

There’s good news for those of you worried that Ferrari has abandoned the V12. The business said today that it is developing an entirely new V12 engine that will debut in a “game-changing” vehicle this summer. And we think we know what that game-changer will be.

The teaser material on Ferrari’s website utilises the phrase “Heart Of A Thoroughbred,” which almost probably refers to one vehicle: the new Purosangue SUV. For those of you who know English, the word “Purosangue” in Italian means “thoroughbred,” thus the connection is obvious.

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Unfortunately, the little 14-second movie provides no more indication that this engine will be for the Purosangue. The V12 is shown up close in the video, with the “Ferrari” wordmark in bold white letters clearly displayed atop the block. That’s pretty much it.

It was previously unknown what engines Ferrari would offer for the Purosangue. Previous surveillance footage revealed a strangely quiet prototype, implying that it was powered by a version of the 296 GTB’s plug-in hybrid V6, however the internet has also speculated on a V8. Either or both of those engines could still be available, but the V12 is virtually probably going to be one of them.

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Ferrari has stated that this new “game-changing” car would be unveiled this summer, and we already know that the Purosangue will be unveiled in a few months. Ferrari says the Purosangue will be offered in limited numbers, just like some of its super sports vehicles, but pricing specifics are still unknown.

We’ll learn more about the Purosangue and its all-new V12 engine as the launch date approaches.


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