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Honda Electric Crossover Teased For Europe, Looks Quite Familiar

The HR-V engineered for the United States is also coming to Europe as a full hybrid.

Honda is the latest automaker to promise a more environmentally friendly lineup for Europe, where a fully electric subcompact crossover will debut in 2023. It’s currently known as e:Ny1 Prototype, and if that name seems familiar, it’s for a good reason. It was originally shown in October 2021 as the e:NS1 and e:NP1 for China, where both will be produced by local joint ventures Dongfeng Honda and GAC Honda.

Despite the lack of a combustion engine, the parallels with the HR-V are unmistakable. In related news, Honda teased the HR-V for the US as a separate model this week. It’s also going to Europe, much to our surprise. It’s classified as a C-segment crossover, implying that it’ll be larger than the HR-V offered in Europe. It is planned to be on sale with a full hybrid powertrain next year.

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The crossover pair will join the hybrid-only Civic, which was announced yesterday and is expected to hit the market this fall. In addition, the introduction of the next-generation CR-V in Europe has been set for 2023. The larger SUV will be available with either a full hybrid or a plug-in hybrid powerplant. The new Honda CR-V is likely to be unveiled before the end of the year.

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These new hybrids and electric vehicles are stepping stones toward Honda’s ultimate objective of ending worldwide combustion-engined vehicle sales by 2040. Until then, the initial goal is for battery- and fuel-cell electric vehicles to account for 40% of total sales by the end of the decade. By 2035, the percentage is expected to double to 80%.

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Meanwhile, the eagerly anticipated Civic Type R will be the final gas-only Honda in Europe. When it debuts later this year, it will be the last automobile without any form of electrification. A turbocharged 2.0-liter gasoline engine with over 300 horsepower will be used exclusively with a six-speed manual transmission to send power to the front wheels.

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