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Mahindra Scorpio-N vs Toyota Fortuner: The True Big Daddy

After waiting for months, Mahindra finally debuted the Scorpio-N, the king of SUVs. The Scorpio-N has many positive attributes that give it a strong advantage over D-segment SUVs. The Toyota Fortuner is currently the D-segment king. Does the Scorpio-N confront the Fortuner, then? Let’s talk about the Toyota Fortuner vs. Mahindra Scorpio-N in this article.

Scorpio-N vs Fortuner Dimensions

DimensionMahindra Scorpio NToyota Fortuner
ground clearance187mm225mm

The Scorpio-N is quite big from the Scorpio Classic. SO what are its dimensions? The Scorpio-N is 4,662mm in length, 1,917mm in width and 1,870mm in height. It sits on a wheelbase of 2,750mm and has a ground clearance of 187mm. What about the Fortuner? The Fortuner is 4,795mm, 1,855mm in width & 1,835mm in height. It sits on a wheelbase of 2,745mm and has a ground clearance of 225mm. In summary, the Scorpio is wider and has a bigger wheelbase while the Fortuner is more elongated and has more ground clearance.

Scorpio-N vs Fortuner – Specifications

Specifications Mahindra Scorpio NToyota Fortuner
Engine2.0-litre petrol/2.2-litre diesel engine2.7-litre petrol/2.8-litre diesel engine.
Torque370Nm(MT)/380Nm(AT)| 370Nm(MT)/400Nm(AT)245Nm/420Nm(MT)/500Nm(AT)

Two engine options are available for the Scorpio-N: a 2.0-liter gasoline engine and a 2.2-liter diesel engine. The 2.0-liter gasoline engine has a 200bhp and 370Nm/380Nm(AT) of torque capacity. Both a manual and automatic gearbox are available for this engine. How does the diesel engine fare? The diesel engine has two tuning options; the lower variants have 130 bhp and 300 Nm of torque, while the higher variants have 172 bhp and 370 Nm(MT)/400 Nm(AT) of torque. For a true SUV feel, the higher variant diesel engines come with automatic and 44 (as an option).

Let’s now talk about the Fortuner. It comes with a 2.7-litre petrol and 2.8-litre diesel engine. The petrol engine is capable of producing 163bhp & 245Nm of torque. Does the Fortuner also get different tunes in the diesel? No, it has one tune producing 201bhp & 420Nm(MT)/500Nm(AT) of torque. Both the engine comes with manual and automatic gearbox options.


The Scorpio-N comes loaded with features. It gets features like an 8.0-inch infotainment system, a 12-speaker Sony sound system, wireless phone charging, TPMS, dual-zone climate control, Alexa support and AdrenoX with 70+ connected car features. Mahindra has also covered the safety well with 6 airbags, electronic brake-force distribution, roll-over mitigation, ESC and driver drowsiness detection.

Scorpio-N vs Fortuner – Price

Mahindra is yet to reveal the prices of the automatic and 4×4 variants. So we can only compare the manual variant pricing of the Scorpio-N. The manual variants start from Rs 14.46 lakh and go to Rs 23.68 lakh (on-road, Mumbai). In comparison, the Fortuner starts from Rs 38.14 lakh and goes to Rs 58.78 lakh. For reference, the manual variants of Fortuner start from Rs 38.14 lakh and go to Rs 45.87 lakh (on-road, Mumbai).

So, who is the big daddy?

Mahindra has done a great job with the Scorpio-N. The new SUV has been coupled with powerful engines along with a very capable 4X4 system. With that being said, the Toyota Fortuner has been in the market for very long. The Fortuner’s 500Nm torque producing engine is a beast in itself. Moreover, Toyota has long been known for its reliability and hassle-free ownership experience. So, if you are someone who is not concerned about the Toyota badging and just wants a capable car, and that too at quite a steal price, you should definitely go for the Scorpio-N. However, if you want an SUV that you wish to keep for long with easy to maintain characteristics (and you don’t mind spending close to Rs 50 lakh), the Fortuner becomes a better choice. Moreover, the resale comes out to be a great plus point for the Fortuner.


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