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Mahindra Won a contract for 1300 Light Specialist Vehicles From The Ministry Of Defence

Mahindra Defense Systems Limited (MDS), the armed vehicle producing arm of Mahindra and Mahindra. Has won the major contract from the Ministry of Defense for 1300 Light Specialty Vehicles (LSV). This new agreement for the shielded strategic vehicles, which will be utilized by the Indian Army for their recce and weapon transporter prerequisites, is worth ₹ 1,056 crore.

The enlistment of Mahindra’s Light Specialty Vehicles into the Indian Army’s armada. The company expect this to be finished in a staged way over the course of the four years, beginning from 2021.

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In the organization’s official statement, SP Shukla, Chairman, Mahindra Defense Systems Limited, said, “This agreement really means the achievement of Atmanirbhar Bharat activity. It is the main significant agreement for the high level defensively covered strategic vehicles that are planned and created by the private area in India with protected innovation rights inside the country. This agreement prepares for huge scope reception of Indian stages with native abilities.”

The new strategic vehicle is design and made by MDS. In accordance with the guidelines of the Indian Army. Mahindra claims that the secluded plan of this vehicle makes it future confirmation. And MDS additionally has the important IP and capacities. In all perspectives from improvement of the LSV Variants to finish Life Cycle Support.

Mahindra's Light Specialist Vehicles,

The organization says that the LSV has gone through thorough and expound trail procedures did by the Indian Army. In various territories including high height, deserts, and fields. MDS LSV is the single vehicle that passed all the Field, Ballistics, and Technical preliminaries.

One rendition of Mahindra’s Light Specialty Vehicle is now in help with. The Indian Battalion sent for the UN Peacekeeping mission in Africa. MDS says that other friendly outside nations have looked for subtleties of this vehicle. The nations have seen this for export potential of this made in India armored vehicle.

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