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New Trouve H2 Electric Maxi Scooter Teased

A new electric maxi scooter has been teased by Trouve Motor, an electric vehicle start-up. The new model, dubbed the Trouve H2, is billed as “India’s first Hyper-Maxi scooter,” with pre-orders beginning in August 2022. The new scooter is expected to begin deliveries in the first half of 2023.

The new Trouve H2 Maxi Scooter is said to have been designed in-house at the company’s Bangalore R&D centre. In 2023, the business expects to release two more maxi scooters.

“The electric 2-wheeler industry in India has drastically grown in the previous several years,” Arun Sunny, Founder of Trouve Motor, said of the upcoming H2 Electric Maxi scooter. It grew by an incredible 132 percent in 2021 alone, indicating that 2022 will be even greater. With the introduction of our electric maxi-scooters, we hope to not only contribute to this upward trend, but also to further disrupt the space by introducing more innovation.”

The teaser image shows an exposed carbon fibre finish with green pinstripe accents on the Trouve H2 Electric Maxi Scooter. A floor console divides the rider’s footwell, with the front wheel partially tucked away within the front apron. It has a stepped seat, a big windscreen, and a low-set LED headlamp integrated into the front apron. The scooter has a sleek taillight, as well as a lower-placed rear number plate holder and turn indicators.

The new Trouve H2 Maxi Scooter has built-in Google for internet-based capabilities and supports 4G connectivity. The scooter has an upside-down front fork and a mono-shock in the back for suspension. The scooter has disc brakes with two piston callipers for braking. The 14-inch wheels on the maxi scooter are quite large.

The Trouve H2 Electric Maxi Scooter is driven by a liquid-cooled electric motor with a peak power of 7.9kW (10.6bhp) and a continuous output of 4.8kW (6.4bhp). The motor is connected to a six-speed gearbox, which uses a belt drive system to drive the rear wheel. It is reported to have a range of 130-230 kilometres on a single charge.

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