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Taarzan The Wonder Car Getting Restored

The most recent video shows Taarzan’s The Wonder Car in its last stages of restoration. The ghost in the film used Taarzan, a violet or purple sports car, to exact revenge on his murderer. It used to take off on its own and murder those responsible for the owner of the car’s murder. The movie was a hit, and some people still adore it. But as soon as the movie was released, the car made headlines.

International Auto and Engg Works posted the video. They do a lot of work on automobile aftermarket modifications and restorations. They have taken on the monumental task of bringing the Taarzan back to its former splendour. After the release of the films, the car reportedly sold for a staggering Rs 2 crore. The idea was to capitalise on the exclusivity and fame that came with owning a car from a popular film. However, the high price tag prevented it from finding any buyers.

After it failed to find buyers for more than ten years, it was later discovered rotting in the streets. Finally, we have witnessed the entire procedure used by International Auto and Engg Works to recreate the Wonder Car’s body silhouette. A man can be seen in this video spray-painting the recently restored sports car. The colour of the paint is the recognisable violet/purple from the movie. We are eager to meet the Taarzan once more in person.

Taarzan the Wonder Car receiving the fresh coat of pant

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It is important to note that this car’s engine will be the same one used in the film. Only the exterior of this unusual vehicle will be changed and brought back to its former splendour. Let’s keep an eye out for the final product’s appearance and the company’s intended uses. What do you think of this extraordinary restoration?

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