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Yamaha RX100 Motorcycle being built at the Factory !!

Yamaha RX100 is one of the most iconic motorcycles of the 90s era. It might be the first motorcycle that comes to mind when someone talks about two-stroke motorcycles. It was one of the most fun to ride motorcycles. Now, it has a cult following, some people have maintained them very well and such RX100s can sell for a lot of money. Here, we have a video in which we can see the motorcycle being assembled at the production plant back when the motorcycle was still on sale.

WildFilmsIndia has posted the video to YouTube. Throughout the movie, we can watch several stages of motorcycle assembly at the facility. The RX100 was manufactured at the Escorts Yamaha facility. In 1996, the RX100 was phased out.

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Several people can be seen working on the motorcycle assembly in the video’s initial image. Then we see a person inspecting the motorcycle’s engine. Given the time when the RX100 was on the market, we can see that it gets up to 80 kmph fairly quickly. On the speedometer, the guy reaches a top speed of 89 kilometres per hour.

Yamaha Motor Corporation and Escorts Limited formed a partnership in 1983 and began producing the RD350. It was essentially an Indian version of the RD 350B that was sold overseas. The AX100 from IND-Suzuki drew a lot of interest from Indian purchasers at this time. Yamaha took note of the AX100’s success and introduced the RX100. In 1983, they debuted the motorbike.

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The RX100 was more powerful than the AX100 from IND-Suzuki. The RX100 generated 11 horsepower, compared to 8.25 bhp on the AX100. Furthermore, the RX100 was reasonably priced. Throughout the life of the RX100, the manufacturer never introduced any significant updates or changes. It had been on the market for over a decade.

There were, however, some small enhancements. New paint schemes and pinstriping, for example. A better 12V electrical system was installed in place of the 6V system. The rest of the components remained unchanged. As a result, there were no alterations to the round headlamp, round turn indicators, flat seat, or long and rectangular fuel tank. In addition, the two-stroke engine and exhaust tone were never altered.

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RX100 was delivered to India as CKD (Completely Knocked Down) units, which were then assembled at the factory. The motorcycle was marked with a “Made in Japan” sticker. It was originally available in three colour schemes. Black, Cherry Red, and Peacock blue-green were among the colours available. The speedometer on the first batch of RX100s was branded Rajdoot. The Rajdoot tag was later replaced with Escorts.

You can still see some of the well maintained or restored RX100 that is running on Indian roads. If you want to buy one, you would have to shell out a good amount of money. Moreover, you would also have to spend money on fitness tests and maintaining them. RX100 came with a two-stroke engine which is no longer used now because of the high pollution levels they cause. So, unfortunately, Yamaha won’t be able to bring the iconic Yamaha RX100 back.

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