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Ferrari SF90 With A Denim Interior Laughs At Your Alcantara

It’s a bespoke build through Ferrari Tailor Made, and it already has an owner.

We understand exactly what you’re thinking. Probably, at the very least, if you’re familiar with the American car sector in the 1970s. Cars with factory-installed denim interiors have appeared on occasion, but the infamous AMC Gremlin Levi Edition is likely the most well-known. The Gremlin with the blue jean inside is still the punchline of many automotive jokes today, because to its odd design and subpar performance.

However, don’t laugh at this Ferrari SF90 Stradale. Yes, it has a denim interior, and yes, it was ordered through Ferrari’s Tailor Made programme. This car was built at the request of a “very lucky client,” according to duPont Registry, and is a unique build with Kuroki Superstone Bleach.

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The headrests and lower seatbacks don’t have any orange Levi-spec contrast stitching, but there are red inserts in the headrests and lower seatbacks. For the carbon fibre seat frames, there’s even more blue. Blue leather and additional denim may be found on the dashboard. The paddle shifters are blue as well.

Denim seats aren’t the only unique feature of this SF90 Stradale. The roof appears black at first glance, but closer inspection reveals that it is actually a dark blue. The exposed carbon is Scotland Blue, with a single red racing stripe running across the middle. On the outside, you’ll see several carbon fibre attachments that are part of the Assetto Fiorano package. It comes with factory-installed spoked carbon fibre wheels, and with everything combined, we’re not bashful in admitting we love it.

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The automobile was published on Instagram (post embedded above) by Ferrari of Fort Lauderdale, who showed off some of the unique features of this bespoke creation. We don’t know who owns this brand-new Ferrari, but we have a lot of admiration for whoever came up with this concept. There are plenty of carbon fibre supercars with Alcantara interiors, but a 986-horsepower Ferrari with a denim interior? That is truly one-of-a-kind.

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