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Ferrari F40 Crashing In Switzerland

On Sunday, video emerged of a tragic incident during the 2022 Kerenzerbergrennen hill climb competition in Switzerland. Coming out of a turn, a Ferrari F40 may have been bitten by turbo lag and collided head-on into the barrier.

Fortunately, neither the driver nor a woman who was watching the crash from a nearby vantage point were hurt, according to local news site 20 Minuten. Although an ambulance was dispatched to the accident scene, it swiftly returned to its station because its assistance was not necessary.

The Ferrari, on the other hand, was not so fortunate. A video of the aftermath was shared to the FerrariOwnersClubNL Facebook page, and it looks that the car’s front end has been severely damaged. Repairing it may be feasible, but it is unlikely to be inexpensive. This collision might have a significant impact on the driver’s net worth, with estimates as high as $2.8 million.

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The exact crash is impossible to find footage of, however YouTube user ‘Carsten’ filmed the F40 and many other Ferraris rounding the left-hander from the corner entry. Unfortunately, we’ll have to use our imagination to fill in the gaps because we just have the sound of screaming tyres and carbon fibre crushing into a metal barrier.

The F40 is powered by a 2.9-liter twin-turbocharged V8 with 471 horsepower (352 kW/478 PS) in European trim. While so much power is enough to get you into difficulty, it’s also been suggested that the latency associated with 1980s turbocharging technology might lead drivers into trouble by producing an unexpected burst of torque.

Whatever transpired, the Ferraris in the video above were taking part in a parade run up the 12-corner Hillclimb circuit to commemorate Ferrari’s 75th anniversary.

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