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How Aston Martin Learned To Never Trust Ford | Does Ford Cheated With Aston Martin ?

How Ford Copied Aston Martin Front Grill ?

Today Aston Martin’s vision towards making cars have changed, they are expanding their hand toward high performance. Today the company has undergone a huge transformation from building luxury iconic cars to championship-winning cars. What was the reason that pushed Aston Martin’s Brand to the next level of hypercars?

Aston Martin In crises

Aston Martin Headquarters

The story starts in the ’60s when Aston Martins were hand-built with unique couch building methods which made the production slow. The DB5 was produced for three years, from 1963 to 1965 have they produced only 1000 units of it. This resulted in not reaching the demands of the market, eventually leading to not a profitable business. So, in 1972 Aston Martin was sold to the bank Consortium, then again to an American businessman, and then another one. But finally, it was owned by Ford Motors in 1987.

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Ford Owns Aston Martin

Ford Motors Headquarters

At the time of Ford’s Ownership, Aston Martin had a good start in the short term and not for the long term. For Ford Motors, Aston Martin was an exclusive lineup as they placed Aston Martin in their new premier automotive group. This group contained companies like Lincon, Jaguar, Landrover, and Volvo.

Ford Took Advantage

Aston Martin V8 vantage

Now Aston Martin was under Ford, i.e. Ford could do process their own way. Ford gave Aston Martin a new Factory for them, this showed the love of Ford towards Aston Martin. But the real faces were seen when an unrelatable car to Aston Martin was launched in the market. The Jaguar XK, which is a V-8 powered rearwheeldrive coupe. Pretty impressive right? but the issue was with the design line that looks similar to Aston Martin.

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They Shared designers

Jaguar looks Aston Martin

The man that design the beautiful Vantage was the one who also designed the XK. All these companies being under the ford, Ford shared their designers and also engineers as well. This could cause a big impact on the Aston Martin Brand as their signature line is been copied.

Design Stolen

Jaguar looks Aston Martin

In 2007 Ford sold Aston Martin to Prodrive, even then Ford continued to use the design elements in their car. The 2013 Ford Fusion was re-designed that looked much like an Aston from the front. So, when people that bought the car just for styling and not for performance gave them an option. It actually looked like a four-door, Aston Martin.

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Doing Things Diffrently

Aston Martin Valkyrie

After being free from Ford Motors, Aston Martin wanted to do something different. In 2013 they signed up with Mercedes to supply engines for their car and the first car that had a Mercedes engine was the DB11. Today after all the controversy with Ford, Aston Martin has pushed themselves beyond the limits. They started building cars like the One-77 which had a price tag of over $1 million USD. Also, today Aston Martin has built their hypercars with all the high automotive tech, including motorsports too.

Aston Martin GT Racing
Aston Martin F1 Team



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