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This Is The Best-Ever Modified Model Of Yamaha R15 V3

Saigon Maxspeed recently completed work on a YZF-R15 Version 3.0, converting it into a MotoGP-spec bike with better performance parts. The bubble visor is the first and most essential innovation, boosting the rider’s tuck-in area and resulting in a more aerodynamic experience for both professionals and amateur riders.

The aftermarket brake and clutch levers are adjustable, and the aerodynamic winglets help with high-speed stability. The Akrapovic exhaust system on the custom-built motorbike aids the rider in extracting even more horsepower from the 155cc liquid-cooled engine. A set of additional wind deflectors surrounds the headlight portion on this typical Yamaha R15 V3.

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The rearview mirrors have been removed, and bar-end guards have been placed to keep the rider safe at all times. A custom tyre hugger and a floating number plate have been installed in place of the factory rear fender assembly. Rugged knee pads are installed in the gasoline tank of this modified R15 V3 to provide extra traction when cornering. Because the model you’re looking at isn’t made for India, it comes with USD front forks as standard.

The R15 V3’s stock engine is a 155.1cc single-cylinder, fuel-injected, liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine with a maximum output of 18.6HP @ 10,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 14.1Nm @ 8,500 rpm. The engine is connected to a 6-speed manual transmission with a slipper clutch. The international-spec form of the motorcycle comes with USD telescopic front forks and aluminium rear footpeg holders, whereas the Indian version comes with different footpeg holders and regular front forks.

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Yamaha R15 V3 with MotoGP Winglets and Akrapovic Exhaust

Image Source: xedoisong.vn


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